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2022 Show



Glenside Tractors

CRF Hydro




HD Ferguson

Danny's Ironmongers

Glengilp Stables 

Carrs Billington


D.A. MacDonald


S and S Services


United Auctions

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2022 Show



MacLeod Construction


Dalriada Vets

Renewi Argyll & Bute


Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart


Scottish Woodlands


SAC Consulting




British Wool



Mid-Argyll Show 


Entry Forms



Competition is resticted to Members of the Society with exceptions noted. Membership is open to all. Membership fee is £5.00 - under 18 years £2.50.


Exceptions: Exhibitors of Dogs, Sticks, Crooks, Baking and Produce, Home Industries, Children, Pets and Gymkhana.


Below are links to the entry forms for the different sections of the show, please click on the links, download, print and complete the forms and send then together with your payment to the secretary listed on the form.


Cattle Section Entry Form
Sheep Section Entry Form
Clydesdale Horse Entry Form
Horses and Ponies Entry Form  
Dog Section Entry Form
Fleece Entry Form
Home Industries Entry Form

Poultry Entry Form

Unfortunately due to ongoing Avian influenza restrictions, we will not be having a poultry

show this year.